“Your team is nothing short of amazing! Sasha, Susan, and Todd were knowledgeable, professional, and wonderful to work with.
Thank you so much!”

Susan W.

“Our company has used Ms. Thomas almost exclusively for all commercial sales and leasing in the central market for the past 25 years. One hardly needs to say more than that alone as a reference for the firm!! Ms. Thomas is an engaging professional who listens carefully to her client’s objectives and then brings creativity, intellect and results to the transaction. We have given her many challenging assignments in the past and she has always delivered results.”

Tom Leavitt, President & CEO
Leavitt Capital Companies

“After working with DTRE on a project that began in 1996, they have been involved in every project we have done thereafter. And ‘involved’ means every aspect of a project. DTRE is at the table discussing the concept and participates in every aspect of developing that project, including design, construction, marketing and sales, and even helping with issues that may arise post-completion.  We do market-driven development and no one understands our market as thoroughly as they do, nor has the ability to translate that understanding into the design and marketing of a building.  Debbie’s participatory attitude pervades her organization and most importantly, they are a group of people that are just plain fun to be around.”

John Carroll & Bill McCrae, Principals
Carroll Investments

“The team at Debbie Thomas are the experts in buying and selling Pearl District commercial property. Most importantly they combine three qualities all too rare in brokerage: knowledge, integrity, and creativity. Debbie and her team have been leading the District’s growth since its emergence. They are creative, indigenous, and consistently uncover buyers and ideas that escape others. They bring these buyers and ideas together to realize extraordinary value for their clients.”

Tom Cody, President
Project^ Ecological Development

“Our experience with Debbie Thomas and her team at DTRE has been exceptional. Debbie has the unique ability to analyze and understand complex development and redevelopment projects from an owner’s viewpoint. She is able to combine that talent with extremely strong marketing and negotiating skills to bring about a successful conclusion. Debbie has played a strong role in the growth of the Pearl District and Northwest Portland and would be highly additive to a project team.”

Jack Onder, Principal
Onder Development Co.

“I’ve known Debbie Thomas for 34 years – before she ever got into real estate and I was the one that encouraged her to enter the field because she was so talented and has what it takes. She decided to begin her real estate career with Leavitt Shay in 1986, and I immediately engaged her to help me build NW 23rd Avenue. Debbie is one of the most talented real estate professionals that I have ever dealt with. She’s organized, efficient, tenacious and she’s a deal maker. I can only give her the highest recommendation and if you have the opportunity to work with her and don’t, it would be a significant loss in accomplishing the deal.”

Richard Singer, Principal
Singer Properties

“As a Zurich, Switzerland based real estate investment and development company, we can only depend on the best real estate professionals supporting us with reliable local and regional know-how in the market places where we transact business. Since I have known Debbie Thomas, she has proven to us in a short period of time to have what it takes to be successful in real estate. Her support to us has been invaluable. Not only does she demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the Portland retail real estate scene, she has also a very astute mind when it comes to the acquisition of potential development sites. Due to the fact that Debbie has the skill to not only listen to and also to fully understand what the client wants, we were able to find an outstanding site in East Portland for a major development to start soon. I can only give her the highest recommendation. Besides she is a pleasure to work with in this very fast-paced world of real estate.”

Herbert Michel
MIAG Mutschler Immobilien
AG Managing Director

“Maureen and I just wanted to say hello and a big thank-you for the indispensable role you have played in our future.  When I was working as a Trooper on the occasions I truly made a difference in someone’s life I would say to myself that I had fulfilled my destiny and could now retire.  Of course you never do leave the work you were born for and there may be others that in time and place who will need you later.  We think about you often with tremendous gratitude.  If it were not for you, and fate’s timing, our future would not be unfolding as it is.  We are building a home in a PUD that is nothing less than Bend’s reply to the Pearl District.  It is called NorthWest Crossing.  We have seven months now been working with and architect and designer to design a traditional Prairie Style home and should be breaking ground in April.  We were in the right place at the right time to secure a premium lot, nearly 1/2 acre.  Thought you might enjoy the plans.

We are doing well and counting our blessings.  I cannot recall if we told you Maureen is the Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Agency Director.  I have been busy the last year and a half with this project, trying to determine where were going to live, beginning searches, vetting builders and banks, and all the while we cannot tell anyone what we are up to as things are much to political at Maureen’s altitude.

We trust that you have been successful beyond belief.  Wasn’t it something the way real estate roared back in a matter of weeks a year ago!?  Who would have ever thought.  Without a doubt Debbie Thomas Real Estate is thriving as well.  Give our well wishes to everyone, especially Alex.  We just do not know where life would have taken us if you had not come into it.  You have earned every bit of this praise.

Warmest of regards,

Bill & Maureen (Clients of Susan Suzuki)