Detailed information

Building Credits
Developer: John Carroll
Architect: Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects
Contractor: Howard S. Wright Construction
Interiors: Soderberg / Laman
Completed: 2005
180 residential units
725 to 3,388 sf
Public plaza & 14 retail spaces
Parking: Above/Below grade

The Elizabeth was completed in 2005 by developer John Carroll. At the time, the development was the tallest in the Pearl District at 16 stories, housing 180 residential units and commercial spaces along the first floor. On the west side of the building, an open plaza created a new home for the Lovejoy Columns. Formerly the foundation for the Lovejoy Ramp, the large concrete columns are covered with the paintings of Portland artist Tom Stefopoulos. Adjacent to the columns is the 1,900 square-foot pavilion building, a stand-alone retail space that will soon house a new neighborhood restaurant.